Cross It Off Questions

Questions lead to answers. Answers lead to understanding.
How do I install Cross It Off as an app?

Cross It Off is a progressive web app (PWA). This means it can be installed direct from any modern browser by visiting

Depending on your browser, either choose to install the app or add it to your homescreen. This will create an app icon that works just like any other app you have installed.

There is no need to download it from an app store.

How do I stop a task from repeating?

If you want to stop a to–do from repeating:

  1. Open the to–do list
  2. Find and open the to–do
  3. Open the Repeats field
  4. Tick the Never option
  5. Save

You can now cross off the to–do without it repeating.

How do I restore a task that has been crossed off?

If you want to restore a task that you have crossed off:

  1. Open the to–do list
  2. Open the Done list
  3. Find and open the to–do you want to restore
  4. Choose the Do this again option

A new copy of the task will be created and put into your to–do list.

Can I create or edit labels?

You can create as many different labels as you like. However, we do limit the number of colours available.

  1. Open the settings page
  2. Open the Labels section

Here you can create and delete labels, or edit their names and colours.

Be careful deleting labels, as they cannot be restored!

Can I change the font size?

The font size can be changed using the standard zoom feature on browsers.

Can I share my to–dos?

Unfortunately, this feature isn't available yet.

Sharing would require user accounts, external storage of your to–do information, and keeping track of changes. This means a more complicated app, supported by suitable and secure web services.

If enough people are interested in sharing their Cross It Off items, then I will make it happen.

Will you start charging money and hold my data hostage?

No. The to–do app will always be free, and your data will always be on your device.

However, if I add the ability to share to–dos and you sign up for this ability, there will be a charge for this specific service.

Even if you decide not to renew the sharing subscription, any data on your device will remain there. You will be able to continue to use the app for free.

Is there a way to back up my data?

You can create or restore from a backup in the settings page.

Backups can be transferred to other devices if you are moving to a new phone or tablet.

Restoring a backup will overwrite any changes made since that backup file was created.

I don't want to use the app anymore. How do I delete the data it has stored?

I'm sorry to hear that.

If you want to clear everything you've created in the app, then you can do so in the danger area in the app settings.

Since the app doesn't currently send any information anywhere, once you have deleted the data from your device it will be gone forever.

Alternatively, clearing your browser cache will also remove all your app data.

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