Cross It Off Features

Stay focussed and do things with less management and less distraction.

It's all about the to–do

Whenever you open Cross It Off, it will show your current job to do.

Once you've done the current job, cross it off and you'll be given a new job from your list.

If you don't want to do the current job right away, you can simply do it later.

Your current to–do is always one button away.

Privacy first

Cross It Off is built with privacy in mind. All of your data is stored on your device and is not sent anywhere. It doesn't use cookies, and it doesn't use social media tracking. It won't even ask you to sign up for an account.

Read more in our privacy policy.

Minimal management

All you need to create a to–do is to give it a name.

Everything else is optional: the due date, whether the job repeats, or a description. You can also add your own labels to easily identify types of jobs.

Cross It Off doesn't need you to prioritise your to–dos. If anything needs doing soon, it will automatically bubble up. Any job you decide to do later will shift back down the list.


The internet is for everyone.

Cross It Off is built to be accessible to all users.

No internet required

Cross It Off is a progressive web app (PWA).

After you visit and start using the app in a modern browser, you can return to it even when you have no internet connection. You can even create, edit and cross off your to–dos when offline, because the data is stored locally in your browser.

Like all PWAs, you can install the app on your phone, tablet or computer, which will put an app icon on your homescreen or desktop.

It's free and ad-free, no registration required

You can create, manage, and cross to–dos off your list without having to pay or register.

There's no time limit or trial period. Your to–do list will always be free.